We have just confirmed a new drawing event ‘LifeCycle’ to take place at Metal’s Village Green festival on 12th/13th July. This is a collaboration between myself and film-maker Mike Eden and will present a 30 metre x 2m high circular drawing on canvas inside a circus tent. The drawing will be made live over 2 consecutive days by children and the public to celebrate the ‘Story of the Bicycle’ – from its early incarnation in Roman times and the imaginings of Leonardo da Vinci through to the first roadworthy bikes and their various fashions, on to their prevalence between the wars, the ‘peoples’ bike’ in communist China to the Tour de France, circus acts and BMX, hybrids and Olympic sport etc etc

The drawings will be both drawn directly and projected and simultaneously filmed as a live stream on to an LED billboard visible right across the park. We’ll also be making live link-ups to contacts across the world and the cycling friendly cities of Europe, who’ll be contributing their own bike cultures to the collective drawing…

We plan to film and animate the completed drawing after the event – watch this space. The event has been made possible with funding from Cycle Southend.