CV & Artist Statement


Heidi Wigmore : Artist

London, UK

My practice is drawing-based; the impulse of the work is to challenge, resist and subvert cultural norms of female experience.

Alongside studio-based works on paper, the drawing extends to installation inside/on to empty buildings and structures, and large scale banners and billboards as public artworks. I have exploited the transformative potential of the drawn image in outdoor space and its performative and participatory possibilities as work made in the public realm.

I use drawing for its directness and immediacy, for me, drawing is always ‘live’. I have had privileged access to world-class dancers, leading artist workshops with English National Ballet. Dynamic, autonomous female figures have always been prominent in my work. I’ve recently returned to drawing from life working with the East London Strippers Collective: the modern visceral bodies of the strippers, pole dancers and Shibari performers I’ve been drawing have much in common with the ballet dancers: all make use of repetitive, ritualized, ‘codified’ gestures and are supremely self-confident in expressing themselves through the perfected/strengthened female body. The resulting drawings challenge traditional notions of ‘life drawing’.

I also explore the illusory aspects of drawing directly on to found objects: spoons, shoes and gloves, symbolic objects of the feminine made into personal relics. I’m interested in how the ‘lifeless’ can seem to be made ‘live’. I have often used the doll or mannequin as a metaphor for alienation or control – they are silently compliant but exert a vital presence. These objects may function as secular ‘i-dols’ – in that they are lifelike yet lifeless, realistic yet unreal. I grew up with a fascination for the Germanic ‘Romantic Grotesque’ with its tradition of dolls as human substitutes in the literary imagination, where the dummy seems to reflect back to us the fallibility of the human condition.

I have over 20 years experience as a Fine Art lecturer, informed by my role as an artist and the diversity of my work experience including gallery based education and the particular challenge of prison education. I am currently Artist Workshop Leader with English National Ballet and Fine Art Coordinator, Foundation Diploma tutor at the City Lit. Recent freelance projects include a Suffragette banner commission for Artichoke funded by 14-18 Now, ‘Lines of Thought’ with The British Museum at Hull City of Culture and ‘History of the Hoo Peninsula’ with the writer Rachel Lictenstein (Rodinsky’s Room, On Brick Lane).

I’m interested in risk and resourcefulness, trajectories rather than arrivals: a spirit of endeavour permeates my work and life. I am well travelled, having made a number of long term solo trips through Asia and Central America and have lived and worked in France, The Virgin Islands and Taiwan. I have documented these experiences in two books: ‘Skin, Ribs and Hips’ and ‘Wanderlust: a Travel Sketchbook’.


2001 University of East London: MA Fine Art
1998 University of Greenwich: PGCE
1985 Norwich School of Art: BA hons Graphics (Drawing/Printmaking)


2019- 20 The Royal Academy: Artist Workshop Leader

2015-current The City Lit: Coordinator Fine Art, Foundation tutor

2016-17 Whitstable Biennale: Histories of the Hoo Peninsula Artist Project manager

2016 Estuary Festival: Sound of the Thames Delta: Project manager

2012-current English National Ballet: Artist workshop leader
2012-2016 Anglia Ruskin University: Visiting Drawing Lecturer
2012-2017Arts Council England: Artistic Quality Assessor
2011-current METAL: Artist Workshop Leader
2011METAL: ’End of Term’ Arts Festival: Project Manager
2001-10South Essex College: Course Leader/Lecturer BA hons Fine Art,
Foundation Diploma
2004-11  Focal Point Gallery: Artist workshop leader
2004-05  HMP Bullwood Hall: Artist workshop leader
2000 -current Synchro Studios: Co-founder, Chairperson


2019 British Textile Biennale: Suffragette Banners

2018 The Ghost Tide: Thames-Side Gallery

Rethinking the Menopause: ARB Cambridge University

Things: Tamara Projects 310 New Cross Road

Procession Suffragette Banners: Spill Festival

2017  Dummy: Artist Residency METAL

Histories of the Hoo Peninsula: Whitstable Biennial

Turner Prize Drawing Workshop: Ferens Gallery Hull

Lines of Thought: Artist workshops British Museum, University of Hull

Something Blue: Cultivate Gallery

Platform 15: Leydon Gallery

2016 Mind Control Tower: Installation Estuary Festival Commission

2015 The Dance Within Us: Live Drawing Workshop Tate Liverpool, ENB

Anti-Fashionistas: Installation and drawing event Village Green Festival METAL

The Big Painting Challenge: Specialist contributor BBC (broadcast 15/3/2015)

Changing Room: Solo show Shout Media

2014 Draw 14: Society of Graphic Fine Art Mernier Gallery
The Discerning Eye: The Mall Galleries
The Contortionists: Installation Village Green Festival

2013 On the Line: METAL
What the Doll Saw: Installation TAP Gallery

Look the Doll in the Eye: Essex Arts Grant

LifeCycle: Participatory project funded by European Cycling Friendly Cities
Play Southend: Drawing digital game project, contributing artist
Switch Ideas Lab Pacitti Company: Participating artist

2012 INDEPENDENT FREE STATE: Arts Council England Award
CultureLab Protest and Propaganda:
Participating artist Metal
Artist Residency British Virgin Islands

2011 End of Term Festival: Project Manager/Curator
Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary: Customised Beach Huts Commissioned Artist Southbank Centre London
WOW Festival ‘Superstrumps’: female stereotypes project Southbank Centre London
Womans Hour Radio 4 ‘Superstrumps’: live launch 13.3.11

This is Not a School: ‘Glittering Prize and Punishment’ Five Years
The Real Strumps Solo Show: White Wall Space
Deconstruction Project: Homeless Gallery
Neopolitan Festival of Britain: Southbank Centre
Pier: AVA Gallery University of East London

2010 Showflat: The von Heil Haus Commission METAL
Cover Versions:
Village Green Festival METAL
Drawing performance Five Years
Artist Curator Group show Synchro Studios Leigh-on-Sea
Subject to Recall:
Curator Site specific group show – Southend Museum
Lecture Hall FREE SCHOOL: Five Years Gallery
Making it/Faking it: Orleans House Gallery
Cliffhanger: Synchro Studio Leigh-on-Sea
Assessment Criterion: Campus Gallery South Essex College

2009 15 Artists 15 Days: Firstsite

As Crows Fly: Coexist Gallery
Sideshow: Village Green Festival METAL

2008 Love: Faux Gallery
Project Lulu: METAL

2005 Line: Campus Gallery South Essex College
2004 Its a Beautiful Noise: Synchro Studios
2003 A Room with a View: Atelier Gallery
2001 Last Chance Saloon: East London Gallery
2000 Blush: Underwood St Gallery
1999 On the Shelf: Firstsite
1998 Studio in a Square: Firstsite
1992 Pullit 2: Camden Lock
1990-92 Cooltan
1988-92 Cable St Studios
1989 Portobello Open
1988 ‘Earth Songs’ Young Unknowns


2020 Evening Standard ‘Women Making History’ book publication

Curatorspace ‘Lockdown Series’


The Guardian: Suffragette Artist Banners

2017 Scenario: Collaborators and Hecklers – Performative Pedagogy and Interruptive Processes

2016 Review of ‘Mind Control Tower’ Estuary Festival

2013 Interview re Superstrumps ’Imaginations’ – Journal of Cross Cultural Image Studies

The Guardian 11.7.13 On the Line: Creating a museum of the Thames Estuary

2012 This is Not a School: Five Years Gallery

2011 Womans Hour Radio 4 ‘Superstrumps’ live launch 13.3.11

Showflat: Metal Book Edition

The Times Art/Architecture Supplement 23.4.11

The Sabotage Times: April 2011


Oh Comely Magazine: May 2011

a-n Magazine: May issue Review- Scintilla, Coexist Gallery

Level 4 Magazine: Review- Showflat solo show

2010 Level 4 Magazine: Interview- Showflat solo show
Corporeal: Catalogue introduction Campus Gallery Southend in Sea
15 Artists 15 Days: Documentation of residency First Site Colchester

2008 DIY Portfolio Building for Fine Art: University of Essex/The Creative Way
The Guardian Weekend: creative writing commission

2007 ARTUNEED: A Manifesto for the Public Realm- Bob and Roberta Smith, Commissions East


2018 BBC ‘Goldigger’ Set artwork

Artichoke, 14-18 Now Artist Commission Procession Suffragette Banners

2016 Estuary Festival Artist Commission Mind Control Tower multi-media installation

2014 Outdoor Media Ltd Sponsorship ‘The Contortionists’ Village Green Festival

2013 METAL Artist Commission ‘On the Line’

2013 Essex County Council Artist Grant ‘The Doll Saw’

2012 Arts Council England ‘Independent Free State’

2012 BBC  Set artwork, commissions ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Get Well Soon’ CBBS
2011 Southbank Centre WOW Festival Commission ‘Superstrumps’

2011  Southbank Centre Festival of Britain Commission Shell Grotto
2010  Artinsite Permanent lightbox installation Southend University Hospital
2007-2010  BBC  Set artwork for Redbee Media