Artist Residency: 8 Drawings in 8 Days

I undertook a 2 week residency at METAL in April 2017, occupying the Project Space as a  ‘pop-up’ studio. I set myself the challenge to make 8 new large scale mixed-media drawings on paper in only 8 days – with a public opening on the 8th working day.

The work was necessarily in a state of ‘flux’, often unresolved, but injected with an immediacy and a ‘life-force’ born of its fast conception and execution.

The Project Space presented a large window on to the surrounding park, a popular and busy place; throughout my time there people watched the work in progress…and watched me in its making. This blurred the boundaries of public and private space – an artist’s studio usually means work made ‘behind closed doors’ – this made the work somehow more ‘performative’ as I was as much ‘on show’ as the artwork…

See the full series in ‘Projects: Dummy’