The Discerning Eye 2014: ‘Her Royal Subjects’

‘Her Royal Subjects’ has been selected for The Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in October – the ‘queens’ spoons’ finally goes out in public..just down the road from The Palace. One is amused. The piece was created from a found object: kitsch commemorative spoons, a tourist trinket. I dipped each spoon in eggshell acrylic and when this had dried to a hard surface, made a small freehand drawing inside each one – these are ‘prehistoric relics’ – believed to be fertility figures and, for me, represent the ancient land eons before it was claimed by those ‘with the longest swords’ ie the ruling royal families of the day. Therefore the title is intentionally ambiguous  – who or what are the ‘subjects’ being alluded to here? The piece is presented inside a pristine perspex display case – instant product-ification.


And this is the piece that didn’t make it – the start of a new series of used ballet shoes from English National Ballet: