Arts Council England award: Developing Artistic Practice

Final 8

Fantastic news: I’ve been awarded a substantial grant by the Arts Council which will fund my practice for 6 months. Title of the work: Totems of Hope. This is based on 2 series of images I made in early 2021 after the toughest winter. These collages absorbed me for a few weeks and were made in a frenzy of creative activity in an attempt to transform the all pervading feelings of hopelessness that were impacting so many people around me and in the wider community.

Some of the award will fund time in a digital and print studio and mentoring to explore translation processes to mediate some of this work into large scale fabric pieces, edition prints and also an artist film to showcase my work from recent years.

I feel this grant has acknowledged and placed value on my longevity as an artist and commitment to my practise. Thank you Arts Council. Watch this space.