The Anti-Fashionistas

Date: October 29, 2015 Category: , , ,


Four canvas banners, each 6 metres long, made for display on the skatepark, prime public space at the centre of the arts festival. These images were made with high visibility in mind across a crowded space and were shown alongside the ‘Body Maps’ vinyl series from 2014. The piece is really activated with the interaction of people and the random ‘echoes’ of body language and posture of the painted and real figures…


The theme suggests the absurdities of the fashion industry, its insistence on body perfections and impossible ideals and the wider impact of corporatism on ‘ownership’ of our own selves…

The canvas was upcycled from a previous project: my drawings incorporate the expressive childrens drawings that were already embedded on the canvas. These traces and remains break up the picture space and function as creative interventions into my ‘slick’ line.

Many of the drawings are taken directly from my sketchbooks of English National Ballet dancers in movement. These tiny instantaneous drawings, when blown up to 5ft high, make a dynamic presence.

I intend to work and rework these canvases over time but it was a great ‘first outing’ for them.

VG15_Photo_Benedict_Johnson_Heidi Wigmore art Village Green 2015-3