Super Strumps WOW Festival 2011

Date: November 20, 2014 Category: ,


In March 2011 I launched the Super Strumps project at the WOW Festival at The Southbank Centre, a collaboration with writer Syd Moore.It is a project that explores the debate around female stereotypes and re-presents these as strong, humorous images and text in the form of a Trumps style card game. This game forms the basis of workshops and events that raises questions about how much control we have over the way we are perceived and how we might want to change that by reclaiming the simplistic labels projected on to us by mass media. We aim to take these workshops into schools and the workplace to challenge the effects of negative language. The project crosses over into my own practice through my use of female archetypes as motifs: historic, mythical, literary, psychoanalytic. We are currently developing a range of merchandise to expand the project commercially.