• Suspended Animation

    Suspended Animation

    Large scale drawings informed by Shibari performers

  • Dummy: 8 Drawings in 8 Days

    Dummy: 8 Drawings in 8 Days

    8 large scale mixed-media drawings made in 8 days on residency at METAL

  • Mind Control Tower

    Mind Control Tower

    One day installation and live event for Estuary 2016. A reflection on Power and Protection, militarism and mysticism.

  • MissFit


    ‘misfit’ something that does not fit..or fits badly. Composite drawings made from the found lines of paper dress patterns:…

  • The Anti-Fashionistas

    The Anti-Fashionistas

    Large scale hand-rendered canvas banners commissioned for Village Green arts festival 2015.

  • The Contortionists

    The Contortionists

    Large scale printed banners sponsored by ‘Outdoorplus’ billboard company for Village Green Arts festival 2014.

  • Independent Free State

    Independent Free State

    A drawing-based ‘campaign for imaginative space’ funded by the Arts Council. A mobile and static billboard as subversive space,…

  • Hard to Swallow

    Hard to Swallow

    Initimate drawings on spoons, shoes and other symbolic objects of the feminine.

  • Selected Drawings

    Selected Drawings

    The impulse is to challenge, resist and subvert the cultural norms of female experience through the use of archetypes:…

  • ‘What the Doll Said’ installation at TAP gallery

    ‘What the Doll Said’ installation at TAP gallery

    Installation of wall drawings in the Old Waterworks project space.

  • 15 Artists 15 Days: Firstsite

    15 Artists 15 Days: Firstsite

    December 2009 – I was commissioned for Firstsite’s ‘15 Artists 15 Days’ to make work directly in a disused…

  • Dummy: Small Mixed-media Works on Paper

    Dummy: Small Mixed-media Works on Paper

    The image of the reconfigured mannequin, doll, dummy, idol is a recurring motif throughout my practice. The human simulacrum…

  • Participatory Art Projects

    Participatory Art Projects

    Mass-participation drawing events: ‘gentle anarchy and creative chaos’.